Big Bigger Biggest Small Smaller Smallest

Credits: IMAX movie Cosmic Voyage


Which is better? I am not saying about the  age-old visual quality or the Morgan Freeman’s low sound quality, but about the clarity of  explanation. I prefer the latter.

If you want the mind blowing experience of How BIG is Big and How SMALL is small,  then just visit this one, it’s the updated version.

P.S: Sometimes I ask myself : What are you doing here?


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I am an educator by day and a casual Star gazer by night. I read a lot, surf a lot, cycle at times, like trekking, learning swimming, and philosophize at times. Life = Be Cooool!

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  1. I agree with you, the first one is slicker in its presentation but the second does a better job with understanding the scale of things.

  2. I knew I would enjoy this based on it’s title alone, and I wasn’t wrong! I agree the second video offers a clearer explanation. The Scale of The Universe 2 you offered in your link is AMAZING. I also posted it a couple of weeks ago and still spend WAY too much time playing around with it.

  3. Thanks Alex . I had to find your post and here it is I thought others could have a read too.

    And thanks to you too Michael.

  4. Reblogged this on ABC Astronomy and commented:
    Big Bigger Biggest Small Smaller Smallest – Another cool post by Heavens With Lamps 🙂

  5. Thanks for that….it’s MUCH appreciated!

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