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Centaurus A : A beautiful Galaxy

Galaxy Centaurus A, in X-ray

Galaxy Centaurus A, in X-ray (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Centaurus A (also known as NGC 5128) is a prominent galaxy in the constellation of Centaurus. There is considerable debate in the literature regarding the galaxy’s fundamental properties such as its Hubble type (lenticular galaxy or a giant elliptical galaxy) and distance (10-16 million light-years).NGC 5128 is one of the closest radio galaxies to Earth, so its active galactic nucleus has been extensively studied by professional astronomers. The galaxy is also the fifth brightest in the sky,making it an ideal amateur astronomy target, although the galaxy is only visible from low northern latitudes and the southern hemisphere. Credits : Wikipedia

I thinkĀ  this video needs to be shared. Showing galaxies or other interesting celestial objects in multiple wavelengths is a superb job. I wonder there’s more in reserve for us by ESA.

But a deep sky object like NGC 5128 could also be seen by amateur astronomers and with the right tools and some stacking you can have a marvellousĀ  image. What made me amazed is you could have this beautiful image with an 8″ dobsonian. ( This image is by an 8″ newtonian, but for me it’s the same) A perfect debutante telescope.

Centaurus A Gradient Removed

Credits: split_city @

First attempt at Centaurus A.

Scope: 8″ Newt
Mount: EQ6
Camera: unmodded Canon 400D
Exposures: 25x60secs unguided
Stacked in DSS and processed in CS3

This is a cropped version. Focus slightly off and stars a little elongated.

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