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Free Lecture 03: Universe Scale, and Light II

The lecture video is embedded below but also available here in MP4 format.
Additionally, slides used in the lecture are embedded below but also are available here in Powerpoint format.
Questions after the lecture? Please ask them in here.

Wikipedia entries:
Black body
Spectral line
Bohr model
Doppler Effect

Additional Apod photos disccussed

Imagine if we lived in a binary solar system or a triple star or even an open cluster with 10-100 stars or  why not a globular cluster with 100000-1000000 stars….. But don’t we see that we live with one bright star, which is kind a bit unusual, but it rather appears that it is the greatest benefit to humanity, allowing us to have a Night.

The Bohr atom

The Doppler shift high and low

Sheldon Doppler

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