The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

What do you say about that?

Ahhh. That star…. it’s so bright. I see it almost nearly everyday from my room.

It’s so clear here….. I think this is the same star.

I was rather smiling at my friend at this point.

Etaaa …. You studied Physics your whole life and you don’t even know that this is not a star.


This is planet Venus, the brighter one and the other is Jupiter.

I think this was too harsh for my friend who had just dropped by my house. Anyone looking at these planets would obviously say that these planets are stars. They shine so bright. As for Venus, wow, it is brighter than Sirius (the brightest star in our night sky) nowadays. But how to know if they are not stars. Stars shine and they shimmer in brightness (twinkle), but planets do shine but do not shimmer. Yeah if there is a wind then they would, but if it’s calm they won’t shimmer.

Looking towards the West Northwest as from the sunset until 8:00 pm, the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter would be easily seen.  Venus and Jupiter would remain closer during the few days to come.

This News Bulletin just released by the The Astronomy And Nature Centre TV gives a good explanation coupled with a presentation on Stellarium.

If you want to get a quick idea of the conjunction in 90 seconds then listen to this podcast. If you ever fantasy tacking a picture of them just give me a shout.

Have your eyes up to the sky and you will appreciate the view.

Venus-Jupiter on 14/03/2012

Venus and Jupiter on 15/03/2012


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I am an educator by day and a casual Star gazer by night. I read a lot, surf a lot, cycle at times, like trekking, learning swimming, and philosophize at times. Life = Be Cooool!

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  1. I was pointing out these two to my six year old daughter the other night when she couldn’t get to sleep. She was amazed that she could see real planets from her window! I mentioned it to my husband later and he didn’t know he was looking at Venus and Jupiter either!

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