My first Binoculars

After spending a night on the net and up till 8:00, I had a short nap of an hour or two, had a shower, and was on my way to do some shopping. But what was on my mind the most, was that to see the sky I now have to buy a binocular. And so for sure I was able to buy me one. It was a 10×50. And I was happy with it ‘cause I could see with it in the daytime too.

Obviously this is not mine, but mine looks kinda same

The children were happy too, I am already thinking that it’s high time that I have to buy an other toy binocs for them, ’cause I don’t want to damage mine.

But I think rather, it is good if I could educate them to use it well.

“But, you know how children are.”

Waiting for the night to come, I had to now start observing. But now the chores were there to put on the observing for a later time. Grrrrr. So, for the first observing, a so much cherished thing, I almost forgot the binocs.

About heavenswithlamps

I am an educator by day and a casual Star gazer by night. I read a lot, surf a lot, cycle at times, like trekking, learning swimming, and philosophize at times. Life = Be Cooool!

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